The conflict that has been building across the world is finally starting to come to a head. We WILL stop these monsters from destroying our planet by ANY means necessary.

According to FOX News, we have managed to shoot down another armed Iranian drone that was creeping along the southern outskirts of Syria. This is the second drone we destroyed in under a month — talk about efficient! The message sent around the world is clear — the games are over, back off or we will MAKE you back off.

We shot down the Iranian Shaheed- 129 UAV around 12:30 am with an F-15E Strike Eagle. The drone was acting in a hostile manner, and there was a clear threat to the forces present. The only way to neutralize the situation was to stop the drone from advancing.

The decision to shoot down the UAV occurred when it was discovered still moving towards the position of the coalition forces with no signs of letting up. There seemed to be something sinister about the device, so naturally, US forces took it out before casualties occurred.

In a significant move, the coalition made it known that it will stop ANYONE who crosses the line or has an inkling of being hostile toward US or US-allied forces. There was a fair warning, but they failed to heed it.

The great thing about the coalition in Syria is that there is only one goal: stop ISIS and anything connected to Islamic terrorism. There is no partnership among the Russians or the regime in Syria or any other elements in the area.

All of the previously mentioned groups are aware of the situation, and they have vowed to do everything in their power to help take ISIS head-on. We NEED to address this issue with them because if we don’t the repercussions could be deadly.

Everything seems to be coming together nicely. ISIS now has its back against the wall, and they KNOW that the fight they need to take part in is going to end in their destruction.

Now that we have everyone on the same page — something Obama couldn’t do in eight years — we can swiftly take out ISIS and anyone affiliated with them. President Trump is not playing games with these savages.

It is about time someone let them know that their run is over. These terrorists may have got the best of the world in some situations, but that is small time compared to the big picture. Before it is all said and done, all of these terrorist operations are going to be wiped off of the face of the earth, and we are going to live on a much safer, much more stable planet.

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